Refund Policy

Melton Phoenix FC will not provide Refunds for:

1. Voluntary withdrawal for the following reasons; Player disagreement with another player/players, player disagreement with team official or club official/officials, disagreement between parents of players in the same team, disagreement between parents of players and team or club officials, dislike of the team into which the player has been selected, dislike of the allocated coach, dislike of the grade in which the team is playing in or change of mind by players/parents.

2. For players who are expelled from the club or miss matches due to suspensions or other disciplinary circumstances.

3. Withdrawals after the first fixture match for any reason.
If a refund is granted by the club it will not refund the Governing Body Fees or the cost of uniform. The club will only refund fees if the withdrawal is due to extenuating circumstances that are medically related and can be sustained by a doctor’s certificate. Please note a medical certificate does not automatically result in a refund of registration fees, this decision will be made by the executive committee.