Dear Phoenix Family,

I wanted to write something to you all directly regarding these uncertain times we are going through. My executive committee and I have had to make some challenging decisions in recent weeks, however a lot of these decisions have now been taken out of our control.

Football Federation Australia have made the decision for ALL FOOTBALL RELATED ACTIVITY TO CEASE IMMEDIATELY. This decision has hit us like a tonne of bricks, with all of the hard work we had put in over the summer break to prepare for the 2020 season being put to a stand still, so to say this is devastating is an understatement. We had record numbers in juniors with teams in the highest grades we have seen at Phoenix in years, we also have the best Senior Team that Phoenix has had for a very long time and the season was shaping up to definitely be one to remember. We had just paid for our order of just under $40,000 worth of playing gear from Masita, which we wear the cost of, however this is stock on hand. We also had 250 boxes of chocolates delivered for our annual chocolate drive just the week before the season suspension, which we had to pay up front for, being just under $10,000. These are not ideal situations, but we are resilient and know that the merchandise will be ready for whenever the season continues and our members are working hard to sell as many of the chocolates as we can. We understand the angst amongst our members and please be rest assured we share the same sentiments.

We will be working hard in coming days to touch base with our sponsors and coaching staff and will be stock taking all club equipment, canteen and bar stock on hand and club merchandise and ensuring we finalise some of the works at the club prior to complete closure of the club tomorrow night, indefinitely.

Unfortunately we have no idea when the season will continue, or if it will continue at all, therefore it is hard to plan for anything. We know that the FFA and Football Victoria are working hard to get as much information to us as possible, however these are unprecedented times. We will keep you as informed as we can as we know more.

In light of the season suspension, we are currently working through the impact this has on our members, particularly those who have paid deposits and registered online and we will provide you with an update from Football Victoria when they further update us on 22nd April 2020. Rest assured that if there is no 2020 season, you will not bare these costs. Please refrain from registering online until further notice.

Also, please keep an eye out on our social media outlets for some training skill sessions, challenges, competitions etc for the kids to complete at home, to keep them busy and improve their first touch and some skills.

If you would like to assist in selling a box of 20 bags of Easter Eggs, please let me know and we can get them delivered to your door, without physical contact.

Please take care of yourselves, your families and your loved ones and adhere to the new rules put in place by the Government to stay safe and keep others safe. It is times like this that bring our Phoenix Family together and make us stronger. See you all on the other side.


Kind regards


Michelle Williamson

Club President


Melton Phoenix F.C.