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On behalf of the Committee of the Melton Phoenix Football Club, I would like to welcome all new and prospective players, parents and supporters as well as all current players, parents and supporters who will participate with our great club in season 2020.

The club has been in existence since 1968 and has a long and proud history during this period, and we continually strive to make the club better for all of our players and members.

Since the beginning of the 2018 season Melton Phoenix has seen tremendous growth, with junior numbers rising by 120% with new teams competing. Our female program is growing rapidly with extra junior girl’s teams commencing in the 2020 season as well as the exciting return of the Senior Women’s Team to State League, this creates a pathway for what is the biggest growing sport for females. We believe our continuance as a Melbourne City Club will see great opportunities for all of our junior players showing talent, good coachability and have an eagerness to learn and succeed in their football.

Our senior men’s numbers have also increased substantially in the 2019 season which augurs well for the future with the implementation of the much anticipated Masters Team.

I would like to thank all of our sponsors and volunteers who have contributed in the 2019 season and trust that you will see fit to continue your alignment with the Phoenix, as your support is the is the lifeblood of your club.
Thank you for choosing Melton Phoenix FC as your club of choice in the West.

We promise you that we will not rest on our laurels as we continue to make your club a welcoming, all-inclusive club of which you can be proud of.

Michelle Williamson
Melton Phoenix FC


Melton Phoenix FC aims to provide its members with the opportunity to participate in the sporting activity of soccer at all levels. It is committed to ensuring the growth of its junior programs at community level, and therefore ensuring the longevity of the Melton Phoenix FC.

Melton Phoenix FC provides a warm and welcoming social environment to both it’s members, their families and guests. 2020 will see a particular theme of family, ensuring there is inclusion for everyone.

Our Volunteer Committee and members of the club are determined and professional in seeking that the Melton Phoenix FC has a long and sustainable future as well as providing on field success, not only in results but player improvement.

Melton Phoenix FC believes in fair and equal treatment for all persons involved with the club and ALL are welcome.